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We love questions - almost as much as we love answering them. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we've received about eTS Academy.
What Is eTS Academy?
eTS Academy is a digital solution to Travel Safety training. It delivers current and relevant learning through a range of 89 different videos.
How Can I Watch The Videos?
The use of technology has been key to making sure that Travel Safety training is available to everyone. You can watch all the videos on your desktop or laptop through the eTS Academy WebApp. If you want to watch them on the move, you can view them on your tablet or mobile through the eTS Academy App. You can stream them, and you can even download them to watch them offline when you travel.
How Long Are The Videos?
The 89 videos are each between 60-90 seconds long, providing the relevant points you need to know for each topic. This allows the user to watch the videos that are most relevant to them for their trip.
What Topics Are Covered?

There are six core channels that cover:

  • Pre-Travel
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Travelling
  • The Destination
  • Personal Security
  • Emergency Situations

Each channel is broken down in more detail, covering specific Travel Safety subjects relevant to the core subject.

From pre-travel planning to female and LGBT travel, we have you covered.

How Do I Manage eTS Academy For My Workforce?
eTS Academy isn’t just the training: it comes with a full administrative console. It’s self-managed, giving you full control over what content is in the app, and who gets to see it. More than that, everything is fully auditable, meaning you can see who watched what, when.
I Have Never Completed Any Travel Safety Training Before - Will I Understand It?
The content in eTS Academy is delivered in a language that anyone can understand, to help anyone stay safe, anywhere in the world.
What Are The Minimum Or Maximum Users Required For eTS Academy?
There is no minimum or maximum number of users. We have built eTS Academy to provide a training solution that adapts to your business. That’s why eTS Academy scales up and down instantly, giving you the flexibility to train as many people as you need.
What Are The Minimum Specifications For A Device To Run eTS Academy?

General for mobile apps:

  • 3G, 4G required for mobile data
  • iOS:
    • Minimum iOS 9.0
    • Target iOS 12
    • iPhone 7 or above
  • Android:
    • Minimum OS, KitKat 4.4
    • Target OS Pie 9.0

For Customer Admin (web browsers)

  • Windows 10:
    • Microsoft Edge 18, Google Chrome 75, Mozilla Firefox 67
  • Mac OSX:
    • Google Chrome 75, Mozilla Firefox 67, Safari 12.1
  • Linux:
    • Mozilla Firefox 67, Google Chrome 75
Want to know how much eTS Academy costs?
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