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frequently asked questions

We love questions - almost as much as we love answering them. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about us.
What Exactly Do You Do?

That's a great question that often gets lost in a website. In a nutshell, we develop Travel Safety software and apps with a vision to make them cheap enough and complete enough to allow anyone to use them.

What Mobile Devices Do You Support?

All our products are designed for both iOS and Android. For those with Blackberries and Windows phones, we do have HTML versions, which should resize to any screen.

Do You Only Offer A Per User, Per Month Pricing Model?

No. In addition to our per user, per month models, we also offer enterprise pricing for customers with lots of users. We support well over 100,000 users if required.

Why Don't You Offer A Tracking Product?

Tracking is outdated, and does not do enough to fulfil a duty of care - it is mitigation rather than prevention. The first thing to do is assess the risk, and then look to mitigate the risk. Too many people rely on tracking, and then leave their devices at home or in the hotel so they can't be tracked, which increases their risk. Tracking systems might be reliable, but people are not.

Which Goes First In A Cup Of Tea - Water or Milk?
This shouldn't even be a question. If you're putting in milk before the water, you're not making tea. You're making tea-flavoured cereal. 
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