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Ben Barton

Ben Barton
Using words to inform, persuade and entertain. From Travel Safety to the NFL, I write about anything and everything. Except for golf.
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Brexit has become the dominant theme in UK politics since the 2016 referendum, and with each passing month, the landscape of what Britain's exit from the European Union will look like seems to shift dramatically. 

We are delighted to be announced as a finalist for the SME Risk Initiative of the Year award, awarded by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management as part of their annual Risk Excellence awards.

We are confident that we have built an incredible team here at eTravelSafety. Other people are beginning to agree with us too, as our CEO Stuart Anderson has been named as a winner of Finance Monthly's Game Changers Award for 2019!

Chatbot Charlie Update

by Ben Barton / February 18, 2019

Last year, we released Chatbot Charlie – the world’s first Travel Safety Chatbot. He was able to give you the information you needed to stay safe whilst you were travelling, including specific videos relevant to the risk you would encounter at your destination.

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